How to achieve a level playing field for MaaS?

In this paper, Matteo Antoniola (5T), Roelof Hellemans (MaaS Alliance), Tiia Orjasniemi (Finnish Ministry of Transport and Communications), Zeinah Mugdadi (Uber) analyse how achieving a level playing field for MaaS can help deploy it and create a better environment for the user.


What is a level playing field?

Having a level playing field means ensuring fairness in the business ecosystem. The goal in general, in any kind of market, is to create fair conditions for all market operators, where no operator can be in advantage (or in disadvantage) compared to others. This does not mean however that each player has an equal chance to succeed, but that they all play by the same set of rules.


What does a level playing field mean for MaaS?

A level playing field in the MaaS ecosystem can help lower the entry barriers for newcomers to provide Multimodal Digital Mobility Services and prevent inequality of bargaining power in favour of incumbent operators. This can enable the deployment of a plurality of MaaS operators and MaaS offers in the mobility ecosystem.

From a user perspective, multiple mobility offers are capable to match the needs of a variety of different target user groups, so as to widen their freedom of choice for mobility-on-demand, and to enhance the quality of mobility services due to fair market conditions. Competition between different MaaS operators may also benefit the users in terms of lower prices.


Check the paper out here!

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