MaaS Alliance publishes Position Paper: The Growth and Future of Integrated Public & Private Mobility

The MaaS Alliance, a neutral and non-profit organization founded in 2015, continues to be a pivotal leader in the Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) sector, fostering a rich environment for thought leadership and knowledge sharing. The new position paper ‘The Growth and Future of Integrated Public & Private Mobility‘ highlights its ongoing commitment to guiding the MaaS community as the sector evolves from initial Business-to-Consumer (B2C) engagements to serving a broad array of stakeholders with diverse mobility services and functions.

As digital transformation reshapes industries and the shift toward ‘as-a-service’ models accelerates, the integration of public and private mobility services is becoming increasingly vital. The MaaS Alliance’s paper points out that mobility integration is taking a new direction, one that transcends traditional labels and frameworks.

To address these shifts, the MaaS Alliance has rolled out specific programs aimed at enhancing the growth of integrated mobility services. These initiatives focus on key areas including business and governance models, user experience, technology, and notably, the decarbonization and sustainability of mobility services. These efforts underscore the alliance’s dedication to not only advancing the MaaS concept but also ensuring that it contributes to broader environmental and societal goals.

Recognizing that collaboration is essential to drive meaningful change, the MaaS Alliance is calling on other alliances, associations, and trade bodies to join in this movement. The goal is to foster a cooperative environment where insights and strategies can be shared widely, maximizing benefits across all stakeholders.

Looking ahead, the MaaS Alliance is setting its sights on two major initiatives: the development of the Open Mobility Ecosystem and the launch of Mobility4Users, a community communication forum. These initiatives are designed to keep the MaaS Alliance at the forefront of discussions on integrated public and private mobility and to deepen the ongoing dialogue about the future of MaaS.

With these steps, the MaaS Alliance aims to shape an integrated, sustainable future for mobility, emphasizing that the path forward is a collective journey involving diverse players across the mobility landscape.