Working Together

The MaaS Alliance is a public-private partnership working to establish the foundations for building a common approach to MaaS and unlocking the economies of scale needed to support the successful implementation and uptake of MaaS globally.
The Alliance contributes to policy making
Promotes the added value of MaaS to new stakeholders
Monitors and shares information on MaaS market development
Supports the technical interoperability of services

Our 3 Working Groups

The MaaS Alliance has three dedicated Working Groups addressing issues related to user needs, regulatory challenges, governance and business models, technology and standardisation. Their work and results facilitate the foundations for a thriving MaaS ecosystem in Europe and beyond.

Discover the MaaS Alliance WG publications in our library or contact the Secretariat if you wish to receive more information about the WGs.

Working Group Governance & Business Models

This Working Group creates added value to the Members by ensuring that they have the best market insights to support their activities and business.

The main task of this Working Group is to support the Members in their ongoing and planned MaaS implementations, by sharing experiences and knowledge on the successful business, governance and partnership models.

It also engages with new stakeholders and industries in order to help them to understand the benefits of MaaS and to build productive partnerships for their businesses/activities and explore the next waves of MaaS innovations.

Working Group Users & Rules

The main task of this Working Group is to support the MaaS Alliance members in their ongoing and planned MaaS implementations, by sharing insights into the developments in the regulatory environment and best practices on policy design for MaaS.

This working group ensures that the MaaS Alliance has a well-prepared common position on the key policy topics related to MaaS. It also ensures that the MaaS developments take into account the expectations related to openness, user-centricity, inclusivity and positive environmental impacts.

It also gathers information and coordinates the communication activities of the benefits of MaaS for the users and environment.

Working Group Technology & Standards

This Working Group aims towards the position of a global frontrunner and paving the path for technical and operational scalability of MaaS services.

The work done within this Working Group should establish the basis for global harmonisation efforts. The main activity of this Working Group is to develop common specifications for the open MaaS APIs (booking, ticketing, payment, etc.).

The Working Group liaises and collaborates with relevant standardisation bodies. The Working Group endorses open source principles and both top-down and bottom-up approaches; scaling up from local implementations as well as steering through global vision.

How can you join the MaaS Alliance?

The MaaS Alliance offers different levels of memberships.

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