Working Together

All over Europe, MaaS initiatives are planned or starting up; the MaaS Alliance will help these cooperate through a shared work programme engaging transport operators, service providers and users.

Four Working Groups under the MaaS Alliance address issues around MaaS single market development, user needs, regulatory challenges and technology. Their results will help create the foundations for a thriving MaaS network in Europe and beyond.
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Single Market

Define the business rules for mobility and transport operators to ensure interoperability across Europe. The result will be the implementation of guidelines for a real single MaaS market.

End User Perspective

Identify end-user-related best practices, gaps, and opportunities related to emerging MaaS systems within the areas of service and design, economics and finance, social inclusion, environmental sustainability, and urban planning

Legal Perspective

Identify legal and regulatory barriers to MaaS both by country and from an overall European perspective. This will act as guidelines for public authorities on all levels to set the right legal framework to support MaaS deployment


Define MaaS principles regarding openness, single market with roaming, billing and clearing, multivendor capability. In addition to define and support open, standard based system architecture.

MaaS Alliance is hosted by ERTICO – ITS Europe

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MaaS Alliance is registered in the European Union's Transparency Register (ID: 140593628433-52)