Who are We?

The Mobility as a Service (MaaS) Alliance is a public-private partnership creating the foundations for a common approach to MaaS

What is MaaS?

Mobility as a Service (MaaS) is the integration of various forms of transport services into a single mobility service accessible on demand

Working Together

The MaaS Alliance facilitates a single and open market for MaaS and full deployment of MaaS services through a shared work programme and by engaging transport operators, service providers, public authorities and users

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From an idea born in few bright European minds to an actual drive of over 100 global organisations working towards smart and sustainable mobility, MaaS Alliance can proudly celebrate many achievements. More insights of what MaaS Alliance was and where it is heading in the future will be made available with personal contributions from our founding and current Board members every month for a year.

🔔Calling on our #MaaS community to submit their proposals for the ITS European Congress 2022 Call for Contributions, deadline 31 January #ITSToulouse2022 @ITS_Congresses @ERTICO Download the brochure: https://itseuropeancongress.com/call-for-contributions/

By the end of last year, we announced the launch of the White Paper on Interoperability for Mobility, Data Models, and API 👉Access the publication to read about building a common, connected, and interoperable ground for the future of #mobility 🔗https://maas-alliance.eu/2021/11/25/interoperability-for-mobility-data-models-and-api/

Remember that @EU_Commission is preparing a new legislative proposal on digital #mobility services to facilitate journey planning and ticketing #MaaS Consultations are open until 23 February! https://maas-alliance.eu/2021/12/10/commission-seeks-views-on-new-initiative-to-facilitate-journey-planning-and-ticketing/

We are pleased to introduce Multimodal Transportation!

This new open access journal will cover all modes - road, rail, air, maritime - and the integration of multimodal transport.

Find out more -> http://spkl.io/60124PRXr

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The Latest from Our Partners

SkedGo secures three MaaS projects addressing mobility insecurity in the US

Lincoln, US - 6 December 2021: Global Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) technology company SkedGo announced winning contracts for three new MaaS projects from Feonix – Mobility Rising for the states of Nevada, Michigan, and Minnesota in the US. Feonix – Mobility...

Iomob’s supercharging public transit apps with multimodal mobility

As public transit agencies around the globe explore how to sustain and rejuvenate ridership post-Covid, they are also taking a serious look at rethinking the benefits of enabling multimodal connectivity with sustainable shared mobility services, especially DRT and...

Arriva’s journey to decarbonisation

With the world's eyes on COP26 and the decarbonisation agenda, the role of public transport can't be overstated if we are to reach European targets.  The transport sector represents almost a quarter of Europe’s greenhouse gas emissions and is the main cause of air...

SkedGo expands MaaS algorithm coverage

The MaaS Alliance member, SkedGo, a global Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) provider, has expanded its algorithm coverage across Germany to enable governments, corporations and start-ups to access countrywide transportation solutions.  Organizations in Germany can...

Federal Office of Transport facilitates multimodal mobility

The Confederation wants to make it easier for people to combine different means of transport. For businesses to develop services to this end – for instance, mobile apps – they require access to data from various mobility and service providers. To make this exchange...

Uber launches a new category, Taxi Green, in Hamburg

Hamburg, October 13, 2021 - Uber, the switching platform for mobility, is introducing the new Taxi Green product category in Hamburg in October 2021, with which users will be able to arrange trips in fully electric taxis in the future. The new option is a result...

University of Queensland explores how MaaS schemes enhance personal mobility

A new smartphone app will put multiple transport options at the fingertips of University of Queensland students and staff as part of a 12-month Mobility as Service (MaaS) trial. The ODIN PASS app trial will test the ability to plan, book and pay for multi-modal trips...

MaaS as seen by Systra: Redesigning Mobility

The concept of MaaS, meaning Mobility as a Service, does not easily fit a strict definition. It reflects the trend towards offering everything “as a service” and the gradual shift from possession of objects to use. According to this somewhat magical thinking,...

ERTICO at MaaS National Days Conference

On 13-14 July, TTS Italia held its MaaS Italian National Days Conference, where it presented the "Guidelines for the development of MaaS services in Italy". The Guidelines aim to contribute towards the international and national discussion on the future of our...

Arriva launches MaaS solution in Europe

Arriva launches new travel platform with multi-modal App Solution.Multi-modal smart mobility enables planning, paying and riding with any public transport operator, shared transport or micro-mobility provider.New brand “glimble by arriva” joins Arriva’s...

Renfe develops a countrywide MaaS platform

Photo by JÉSHOOTS from Pexels A countrywide platform that allows users to plan, book and pay for trips in a single applicationIntegrates different modes of transport to provide seamless door-to-door travelingRenfe expecting up to €156 million additional revenue...

Iomob’s door-to-door travel collaboration

The new collaboration aims to address the common goal of door-to-door travel with a lower environmental impact together with Brightline Trains. Brightline Trains, the only privately funded high-speed passenger rail system in the United States, has appointed software...