Who are We?

The Mobility as a Service (MaaS) Alliance is a public-private partnership creating the foundations for a common approach to MaaS

What is MaaS?

Mobility as a Service (MaaS) is the integration of various forms of transport services into a single mobility service accessible on demand

Working Together

The MaaS Alliance facilitates a single and open market for MaaS and full deployment of MaaS services through a shared work programme and by engaging transport operators, service providers, public authorities and users

Join the MaaS Alliance

Become a part of the MaaS Alliance today and pave the way forward in seamless and effortless mobility

From an idea born in few bright European minds to an actual drive of over 100 global organisations working towards smart and sustainable mobility, MaaS Alliance can proudly celebrate many achievements. More insights of what MaaS Alliance was and where it is heading in the future will be made available with personal contributions from our founding and current Board members every month for a year.

We're delighted to welcome #MaaS Alliance new member, @endava🤝 We look forward to discovering Endava's expertise and collaborate on reimagining the relationship between people and #technology, contributing to the future vision of #MaaS

Thank you for recognizing that the car should be an element in a #multimodal #transportation ecosystem. In #rural & #smallurban areas, they may be 1 of the only #mobility choices! @IntelTransport @MaaS_Alliance @TheMODAlliance @ERTICO @ITSHamburg2021 @TransitNCATT @NASEMTRB https://twitter.com/iomob_net/status/1420012583613042691

Iomob - The Internet of Mobility@iomob_net

Can #car-based multimodality and #Sustainability exist under the same roof? Iomob's CEO @boydcohen answers this pressing question in his new blog. #NetZero #maas


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