Who are We?

The Mobility as a Service (MaaS) Alliance is a public-private partnership creating the foundations for a common approach to MaaS

What is MaaS?

Mobility as a Service (MaaS) is the integration of various forms of transport services into a single mobility service accessible on demand

Working Together

The MaaS Alliance facilitates a single and open market for MaaS and full deployment of MaaS services through a shared work programme and by engaging transport operators, service providers, public authorities and users

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Optimising the Mobility System via MaaS – the Dutch State Secretary and ⁦⁦@MinIenW⁩ inform the Dutch parliament on… https://t.co/ixCoUzMAZ5
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RT @kyyticom:@Kyyticom designs turnkey solutions tailored to your customers’ regional needs under your own brand. #MaaS https://t.co/sxgI2fKbRZ
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RT @NEWBITS_CITS:For all early birds - #webinar by @ITS_AUSTRALIA - Wed, Jul 17, 2019 4:30 AM - 5:15 AM CEST https://t.co/3z2RogckU3
We bring together the entire #mobility #ecosystem to move towards a world of truly seamless mobility. 🚗🚌🚎🚋🚲 Join us… https://t.co/LmSZkaLDp5
RT @SPhillipsLuethi:It's finally out: @shared_mobility 2019 #carsharing market analysis. Up-to-date #️⃣ of operators, a deep dive into… https://t.co/radt1NoCpb
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RT @H2020GECKO:The future of #mobility is here and @H2020GECKO aims at supporting authorites in the development of appropriate… https://t.co/iLEN2nFR8k
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RT @Bulc_EU:Attention all passengers! 🇪🇺 gives passengers a number of rights that can help along the way ✈️🚅🚙🚢: rescheduling, r… https://t.co/LjmGX0EWtg
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RT @EP_Transport:Karima Delli elected Chair of the EP Transport and Tourism Committee (TRAN) by acclamation
@CCTA showing the way to encourage modal shift with "award miles" based on use of active and sustainable transport… https://t.co/JPvSIkVItv
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RT @moovel:Some quick #growth highlights 👏: ► 22 cities ► 7.52m users ► 16.4m transactions In the first 6 months of 2019, 16.4… https://t.co/0F0Q9lFT3f
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@MaaS_Alliance commissioned a study to clarify the legal framework and roles of public and private parties in #MaaS https://t.co/z4NZ0qZSz2
RT @moovel:The room is packed: simplifying urban #mobility is clearly a topic many people here at #TOA19 are interested in. Le… https://t.co/3pcE7Spj13
Collaborate, access, influence, expand - just some of the words that describe what you'll gain by joining #MaaS All… https://t.co/knJKd8RMcb
RT @BertrandDuflos:1/4 Dear all, Could anyone send me link to in-depth study(ies) on global impact of #AutonomousVehicles, especially… https://t.co/O26s0wLKIl
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Today we welcomed two new members to the @MaaS_Alliance! Pleasure to have @Allianz and @UTG_UK now on board! https://t.co/Edojcoc67v
RT @MaaSCatalonia:Getting Rail #MaaS Ready 🚅🚊🚇 A full MaaS offering will require knowledge about rail services that aren’t yet availa… https://t.co/dCDKa9Lq15
RT @SamiSahala:"Besides making progress with the open files in the field of transport, our work will focus especially on the frame… https://t.co/YdK9CtUHVp

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The Latest from Our Partners

The PayiQ Blog | Pay-As-You-Go Challenges the Subscription Model

By Tuomo Parjanen, CEO of PayiQ The subscription model has been all the rage lately. All you can watch, all you can listen, all you can read, all you can travel… for a monthly price! It is convenient, but once the monthly deal is done, there are not that many...

Uber to be Integrated in SNCF MaaS Offering

From 19 June, for their daily journey, users of the SNCF app will not only know the schedules of short-distance trains and learn about traffic hazards, but they can also book and pay a bicycle, taxi, and by the end of the year, buy and validate public transport...

For More Connected Cities: Mastercard Powers New Mobility Services with Kisio

At Smart Cities NY, Mastercard and Kisio, a subsidiary of Keolis [and member of MaaS Alliance], today announced plans to transform how millions of locals and guests get around cities. By embedding Mastercard’s payment and security technology into Kisio’s trip planning...

Career opportunity at SkedGo

Our friends at SkedGo are looking for a Sales Engineer to work closely with its small team based in Nuremberg, Germany, and remotely with the international team. The Sales Engineer is responsible for supporting the sales and business development team in building...

WHIMPACT – Insights from the world’s first Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) system

Does MaaS have an impact on travel behaviour? Does MaaS correlate with urban development or impact the urban transport system?  Are the intended benefits of the MaaS service accepted by users? Does MaaS encourage a cardependent city? Does MaaS steal ridership from...

How about MaaS in rural areas?

We need a change in the way we are thinking about transport. It is not necessary to own a car even in sparsely populated areas if we can organise transport in a new way. The climate will be grateful for more effective use of vehicles that are already travelling in an...

Career opportunities at MaaS Global

Our friends at MaaS Global are on the lookout for talent! A member of the MaaS Alliance, MaaS Global has invented an open, mobility-as-a-service ecosystem supported with a proprietary digital platform for enabling anyone to travel anywhere via any method using one...

Uber’s transit offering launched in Denver

Uber Transit has just been launched in Denver allowing Uber users to get real-time transit information, choose fastest routes and opt from public transport, bike, scooter and Uber ride. In partnership with cities and transit agencies, Uber intends to make public...

Why we need to commit to Open Data

Open data is critical to the success of Mobility as a Service (MaaS). If we’re to provide a true alternative to the private car then it has to be convenient, cost-effective and above all, sustainable. Whether it’s governments, companies or citizens themselves, we all...

To Happen, Change Must Be Desirable

During my life as a traffic engineer, and then an NGO leader and an entrepreneur in the mobility sphere, I have seen plenty of services built around a wish. Sometimes the wish is that people would use more public transportation or make other environmentally sound...

routeRANK is looking for a Software Developer

One of our partners, routeRANK is looking for a full stack developer for its IT solutions or multimodal routing. The ideal candidate would have either a B.Sc/M.Sc in Computer Science or equivalent 1-3 years of software experience or A CFC + MPT in Computer Science or...

Top MaaS Twitter accounts to follow

Keeping track of what’s going on in the world of Mobility as a Service (MaaS) is no easy feat. That’s why we’ve put together this helpful list of top influencers and organisations, so that you can stay ahead of the game. [...] Read the full article on SKEDGO...