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The MaaS Alliance (Alliance) is a public-private partnership working to establish the foundations for building a common approach to MaaS and unlocking the economies of scale needed to support the successful implementation and uptake of MaaS globally. The MaaS Alliance’s vision is to facilitate an open MaaS ecosystem that benefits users, societies, and the environment. To reach this goal, the Alliance brings together stakeholders from all sectors to enable the successful deployment of MaaS around the world.

The Alliance also contributes to policy-making, promotes the added value of MaaS to new stakeholders, monitors and shares information on MaaS market development, and supports the technical interoperability of services.The MaaS Alliance published its original vision in 2017 as the MaaS Alliance White Paper, giving guidelines and recommendations on creating a thriving MaaS ecosystem.

The White Paper highlighted the need for MaaS to be sustainable, inclusive, and based on collaboration between public and private partners working in an open ecosystem. Now that the Alliance has more experience with – and insights into – the evolution of MaaS, it is time to take a deeper dive into the subject.

Specifically, we aim to provide detailed information on how to support the development of an open and competitive MaaS market that delivers clear benefits to users, societies, and the environment.

The MaaS Alliance has gained significant new insights and ideas for developing user-centric, societally sound MaaS services by facilitating open and trusted knowledge sharing within the industry.

MaaS Alliance Members & Partners

The Autonomy Paris
Chalmers University of Technology
European Parking Association
FIA - Region I
Fira de Barcelona
Intelligent Transport Systems UK
ITS America
Mobility Data
SAE International
Smart Ticketing Alliance
Transport Evolution Institute
University College London
World Resource Institute

MaaS Alliance Working Groups

The MaaS Alliance has three dedicated Working Groups addressing issues related to user needs, regulatory challenges, governance and business models, technology and standardisation.
Transport On Demand

MaaS fulfils users’ needs for mobility with a wide range of transport services for both travellers and goods, offering tailor-made transport on demand.

A Subscription Service

No need to buy travel tickets or sign up for separate transport accounts. Your MaaS account gives you need for a single monthly or pay-as-you-go subscription.

Creating New Markets

MaaS can offer new sales channels, access to untapped customer demand, simplified user account and payment management, and richer data on travel demand patterns and dynamics for transport providers.

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Elected Board Directors

President, MaaS Alliance,
Global Public Transport Leader Mastercard

Vice President, MaaS Alliance

Chief Technology Officer,
ATM Barcelona

Group Strategy Director, Transdev

Global Chief Marketing Officer, Endava

 Public Affairs Director, Europcar Mobility Group

Head of European Mobility – Enterprise Mobility

Director UK & Ireland – SYSTRA