Queensland scooter spend streets ahead of other states

Source – Courtney Kruk, Brisbane Times

The largest study into Australia’s e-scooter economy has found their riders contributed $728 million to the Australian economy in 2022, with Queensland accounting for more than any other state or territory.

The report, funded by governments, the bicycle and e-scooter industry, and motoring and bicycle groups, said e-scooters were now a multimillion-dollar business in Queensland, where $91 million had been spent on purchasing, using and servicing scooters.

That was dwarfed by the figure of $133 million in “indirect output”. WeRide executive officer Peter Bourke explained that includes the economic impact of people who sell, service and supply scooters spending their wages once they receive them.

E-scooters were legalised in Queensland in 2018, with Brisbane becoming a pioneer in Australia for rideshare services.

Early adoption of e-scooters was one of the reasons economic expenditure on the devices sat higher in Queensland than other states.

But the highest use per capita was in the ACT and WA, the report found, followed by Victoria, then Queensland.


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