MaaS Alliance welcomes Mastercard as new member

Brussels, March 31 2023The MaaS Alliance, a public-private partnership driving the rollout of Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) worldwide, has further expanded its membership and is very pleased to welcome Mastercard as its newest member. MaaS is the integration of various forms of transport and transport-related services into a single, comprehensive, and on-demand mobility service.

The collaboration will focus on exploring how to create more efficient and sustainable digital payment and ticketing solutions for transport and mobility actors, with a specific focus on riders. Mastercard and the MaaS Alliance will collaborate to discuss how to offer innovative digital solutions that combine operational, payment and ticketing resources to operators and users. Mastercard will bring value as a new member by actively contributing to working groups and supporting other members in shaping the mobility of tomorrow.

“Mastercard believes that Mobility-as-a-Service can truly become a mainstream reality if payments across all modes of mobility are simplified and connected,” said Chapin Flynn, SVP, Urban Mobility at Mastercard. “We are excited to join the MaaS Alliance to foster knowledge sharing on: how payment transfers can be simplified for public transport agencies, how reconciliation for public and private mobility can be made more rapidly, and most importantly, how the individual rider can benefit from a frictionless daily travel experience.”

Mastercard has years of experience driving innovation in the mobility payments space and will bring this to the MaaS Alliance. By focusing on improving transport offers, the MaaS Alliance and Mastercard will aim to improve the user experience by making it more integrated and seamless.

“To facilitate the Open Ecosystem we need to make sure all stakeholders are aligning and collaborating towards the same goals. We need to improve the services that will allow us to achieve sustainability goals and provide cities and their users with better solutions. I am thrilled to start this collaboration between Mastercard and the MaaS Alliance. Payments, ticketing and financial settlements are critical pieces of the Open Ecosystem. Let’s align and improve these services together” says Roelof Hellemans, Secretary General of the MaaS Alliance.


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About the MaaS Alliance

The MaaS Alliance is an international non-profit association that builds preconditions for successful Mobility as a Service (MaaS) implementations. The Alliance promotes public awareness of MaaS to drive a paradigm shift in the mobility and transport of people and goods. Its Members are collaborating to achieve a harmonised approach to MaaS deployment in Europe and beyond.