MaaS Alliance signs MoU with the European Parking Association e.V.

The MaaS Alliance and the European Parking Association e.V. signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for Strategic Partnership to support knowledge-sharing and collaboration to create momentum and scalability for sustainable mobility services and Mobility as a Service (MaaS) and wide use of data in the mobility ecosystem.  

With overlapping interests within the field of smart and sustainable transition of cities, societies and industries, particularly in the field of mobility. The collaboration will focus on sharing knowledge on the development of MaaS for sustainable mobility solutions in cities. Cooperation in the technical work will aim to support the development of MaaS while exploring new opportunities and preconditions for MaaS in different environments, as well as supporting the development of a common framework for sustainable MaaS services that could be adopted widely around the world.  

The Parties will also support evidence-based policymaking in the field of MaaS and data-driven mobility systems via joint advocacy and awareness-raising campaigns. Beyond these priorities, they will also host jointly knowledge-sharing events such as workshops, roundtables, webinars and events for the urban mobility community and other relevant.

The European Parking Association is an international non-profit organization registered in Germany with the mission to facilitate cooperation between the professional parking organizations of different European countries, the exchange and mutual support of professional experience among members and may exert influence on measures and resolutions of the European Commission and other relevant international bodies relating to parking and urban mobility.

The MaaS Alliance is a global public-private partnership creating the foundations for a common approach to Mobility as a Service (MaaS), unlocking the economies of scale needed for successful implementation and take-up of MaaS in Europe and beyond. The MaaS Alliance is a legal entity registered under Belgian Law as AISBL, an international not-for-profit organization.

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