World’s first unified MaaS-market to be created in the Nordics

Smartphone apps already allow you to plan travel chains, book trips and purchase tickets. Until now, however, smart mobility services have been fragmented and technology  companies have not significantly collaborated on a national scale, much less across borders. The Nordic Mobility Innovation Platform (NMIP) project, announced today at the European Commission’s Digital Excellence Forum in Helsinki, aims to create common and open technology and business practices for MaaS and smart mobility services.

The NMIP project is funded by Nordic Innovation, an organization under the Nordic Council of Ministers. The project is coordinated by the Finnish smart mobility platform company Kyyti Group. They are joined in the core consortium by Nordic ITS-organizations, The Capital Region of Denmark, the Swedish MaaS operator UbiGo and the research centers RISE from Sweden and TØI from Norway.

“New sustainable mobility services will only be adopted if they are fast, convenient and affordable. The same qualities are also demanded when travelling abroad. This is what we are ensuring with the world’s first MaaS roaming solution,” explains Pekka Möttö, CEO of Kyyti Group. “The NMT and GSM standards are historical evidence that collaboration in the Nordics can have a global impact. The MaaS standards developed today may make the way people move significantly more convenient in the future, in the Nordics and beyond,” emphasizes Trond Hovland, managing director of ITS Norway.

Original source and picture: Kyyti website

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