Contra Costa Transportation Authority wins grant for Automated Driving Systems Pilot Program

The Contra Costa Transportation Authority, a Maas Alliance member, has been awarded a $7.5 million grant from the US Department of Transportation (USDOT) to support a four-year Automated Driving System (ADS) pilot program for three “real-world” demonstration projects. The program was designed in collaboration with the American Automobile Association of Northern California, Nevada and Utah (AAA NCNU), County Connection, Advanced Mobility Group, and other public and private sector partnerships.

CCTA will share data from the three demonstration projects with the USDOT. The projects include: shared autonomous transportation for a Walnut Creek senior community; autonomous vehicle shuttle service with a self-docking wheelchair apparatus for patients at County Hospital in Martinez; and the preparation of the Interstate 680 corridor for future connected autonomous vehicles.

The ADS program builds on the success of CCTA’s Connected and Autonomous Vehicle Program. As cofounder of GoMentum Station – one of the nation’s largest secure testing facilities for connected and automated vehicle technology – CCTA and its partners have successfully advanced automation to improve vehicle safety and address challenges related to the safe integration of automated driving systems.

Original text and photo credit: Contra Costa Transportation Authority

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