By Tuomo Parjanen, CEO of PayiQ

The subscription model has been all the rage lately. All you can watch, all you can listen, all you can read, all you can travel… for a monthly price! It is convenient, but once the monthly deal is done, there are not that many incentives to either increase or decrease usage, nor is there a chance for the customer to save money.

In smart mobility we are seeing a trend that is challenging this and that may be a game changer. It is pay-as-you-go, but with a twist in the end.

In the old days, when you bought a ticket on a bus it was pay-as-you-go. Today a taxi ride or a spin on an electric scooter is pay-as-you-go. Now, what if these were not independent transactions but events in your account, and at the end of the month you’d get a consolidated invoice for all your travels and you’d pay the lowest possible price for your usage? Let’s say you have traveled three times in a day. Instead of charging for three individual rides, the system would charge you the price of a day pass if it is less than three individual rides. Or let’s say you take 20 rides in a month and a monthly ticket would have been a more economical solution than single tickets. Then you are charged a monthly fee.


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