On 13 September, MaaS Alliance participated in the 6th Florence Intermodal Forum-Towards EU-wide Multimodal Ticketing and Payment Systems. At the event, Piia Karjalainen presented how MaaS is contributing to the multimodal revolution. This forum gathered European- and national-regulators, public transport operators, industry representatives, and academics for a discussion on the challenges and enablers to delivering an EU wide multimodal ticketing and payment system. The event took stock of existing EU-legislation and will go on to examine possible EU actions and initiatives that could be undertaken in view of achieving it. More specifically, forum participants looked into the following critical questions:

1) How can access to fare data be enabled?
2) What lessons can be drawn from the air ticket distribution market?
3) What are the possible EU actions and initiatives, both legislative and non-legislative, which could be undertaken in view of achieving an EU-wide multimodal ticketing and payment system?

More information and all presentations are available on the event website.