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Data-driven Urban Mobility in Europe

September 14, 2023 @ 08:00 - 16:30

Global Mass Transit is organising the third annual conference on Data-driven Urban Mobility in Europe on September 14, 2023 at Hilton Amsterdam, The Netherlands.


The mission of the conference is to discuss the policy and regulatory framework for data-driven smart urban mobility, recent developments in the creation of a Common European Mobility Data Space, progress so far, initiatives taken by the EC, country-level initiatives to create a mobility data space, key benefits, challenges and the way forward.

The conference will provide a platform for transit agencies, governments, cities and private companies to explore data-driven solutions for integrated multimodal transport, ITS, operations optimisation, stakeholder communication through data visualisation, network planning and high-quality customer service.

The event will bring together experts from leading public transport authorities/agencies and operators, policymakers, regulatory bodies, ministries and government departments, public transport operators, road operators, road administration offices, cloud providers, technology and service providers, software developers, data architecture and IT system firms, data providers (public and private), fare collection system suppliers, fleet management software providers, dynamic multiservice journey planners, automotive companies, navigation service providers, taxi fleet operators, ride-hailing and ride-sharing service providers, micro-mobility providers, ticketing infrastructure providers ICT infrastructure suppliers, telecom/IoT platform providers, system integrators, industry consultants, research and development organisations, financiers, technical institutes, etc..

Follow the link to register and find us there!