The European Commission’s Directorate-General for Mobility and Transport (DG MOVE) has contracted a team of independent evaluators to undertake a comprehensive evaluation of Regulation (EU) No 1315/2013 on Union guidelines for the development of the trans-European transport (TEN-T) network. The study will provide the Commission with an independent evidence-based evaluation of the implementation of the TEN-T Guidelines. Depending on the results and conclusions of the evaluation, the Commission could, in the second half of 2020, start concrete steps for a possible revision of the guidelines. The evaluation comprises several types of research, including a desk-based review of existing literature (including related legislation and policy documentation) and data as well as targeted consultations to collect data from specific stakeholder groups at local, national and EU level.

This survey forms an important part of the assessment and asks questions about stakeholders’ awareness, perceptions and experiences of the TEN-T Guidelines, their implementation and outcomes to date, as well as their views on recommendations for future EU policy developments in this area. These data will feed into the EC responses to the evaluation questions and assessment of the relevance, effectiveness, efficiency, coherence and EU added value of the guidelines. This survey is designed to support the evaluation of the current TEN-T Regulation and contains six core sections:

Relevance of the Regulation Effectiveness of the Regulation Efficiency of the Regulation Coherence of the Regulation EU-Added value of the Regulation Additional feedback on the overall strengths and weaknesses of the Regulation
Note that all information provided will be kept confidential, reported in aggregated form and only used for the purposes of the evaluation.

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