Cubic Corporation (NYSE:CUB) today announced its Cubic Transportation Systems (CTS) business division, the world’s leading fare collection solution provider, is expanding its partnership with Moovit – an Intel company, a leading Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) solutions company and the maker of the number one urban mobility app – to further co-develop mobile experiences that enable travelers to ‘look, book and pay’ for multi-modal journeys. This expansion follows the initial partnership announcement in January 2020 integrating Moovit’s MaaS APIs with Cubic’s Traveler app.

The two companies are now bringing their collaboration to Cubic’s advanced market-leading MaaS offerings for public transit agencies of any size. These solutions include Cubic’s account-based Urban Mobility Back Office; cloud-based ticketing solution, TouchPass; real-time passenger information system, NextBus; loyalty, incentive and advertising platform, Cubic Interactive; and Cubic’s MaaS Marketplace.

The extended partnership will leverage Cubic’s innovative mobile payment and fare collection technologies, and Moovit’s robust multi-modal journey planner to create a platform that offers travelers a seamless and frictionless mobile experience. This includes planning, ticketing and fare collection, step-by-step journey guidance and more. The platform is built to grow public transit ridership, reduce congestion and improve the travel experience, by also integrating real-time arrival information, digital engagement and incentives, and operator intelligence. The platform also includes robust customer communications tools, empowering agencies with the ability to communicate with their ridership via targeted in-app messages and push notifications.

The new solutions and platform will be made available to existing customers of Cubic and Moovit – enriching the user experience for both – and will also be promoted into new markets collaboratively.

“We are excited to further collaborate with Moovit in offering digital solutions that will redefine the future of urban mobility for travelers around the world,” said Jeff Lowinger, president of Cubic Transportation Systems. “As digital, mobile and platform technology continues to change the transportation landscape, we will deliver seamless, user-centric solutions that will improve the way travelers move through their cities.”

Enhancements will be made to Cubic’s mobile user experiences by leveraging Moovit’s urban mobility and transit data expertise combined with Cubic’s vehicle- and agency-generated real-time transportation data. Additionally, enhancements to Cubic’s TouchPass Fare Collection-as-a-Service digital platform will include an integrated look, book and pay functionality.

“Currently, the trip planning and payment process of public transportation is largely disjointed, resulting in rider confusion and uncertainty,” said Nir Erez, co-founder and CEO of Moovit. “Enabling people to plan and pay for mobility services – through one app – makes getting around much easier, and will help shift them from using private cars to public and shared transportation. We look forward to growing our partnership with Cubic and co-creating solutions to make transit frictionless for riders everywhere.”

Cubic and Moovit’s traveler-focused solutions will further support Cubic’s NextCity™ vision and be a substantial advancement in the world of MaaS. To learn more, click here.