The unique route planner from Smart Ways to Antwerp offers multimodal travel advice , takes into account the different modes of transport that best meet the needs and wishes of the users and avoids roadworks on the route. In early 2021, the route planner will be expanded to include taxi and the various partial modes of transport (shared scooter, bicycle, moped and car). As a follow-up step in the development of the route planner from Smart Ways to Antwerp, the city aims to use this call to investigate whether third parties can also integrate this routing API into their routing or MaaS application. 

By integrating with applications other than the Smart Ways to Antwerp route planner, we are attempting to make multimodal travel advice, tailored to the city, accessible via other channels, in order to (1) increase the accessibility of the city and (2) build up knowledge in line with future developments . With the call for projects, the city is investigating the hindrances, barriers and obstacles involved in this integration. 

1. Reducing congestion on the Antwerp road network

Offering accurate, multimodal travel information is promising for various sectors. Moreover, setting up such routes requires only a limited start-up period as the city of Antwerp can already offer a routing API. 

2. Building up knowledge in line with future developments

The integration of the routing API is a learning process for the parties involved, in which providing feedback on which components of the routing API are still essential for offering MaaS advice, among other things, is an important part of the pilot project. The knowledge will also be used for opening up and integrating other APIs and applications offered by the city to third parties (APIs related to mobility applications, as well as APIs from other departments). 

Detailed information about the current architecture and data access can be found in the call. 

A project proposal can be submitted up to December 15, 2020 . 

Which projects are eligible?

The city is looking for proposals aimed at:

  • a modal, time and mind shift in the city of Antwerp;
  • implementable in the short term (within 3 months);
  • the technical and architectural expectations as defined in the call. 

The proposals are expected to have a direct, positive impact on the mobility context and liveability in Antwerp. 

Why submit a project?

Use routing API

During the pilot project, you can use the current multimodal routing API. The underlying algorithms include the city’s mobility policy vision, can be filtered according to the desired modes of transport, take account of the city’s large work sites and will also include partial mobility in spring 2021. The design and operation of the routing API is being closely monitored in terms of technical implementation, functionalities and user experience.

Active supervision by Smart Ways to Antwerp

Each project will be assigned a project supervisor by the city, who will act as a guide for the roll-out. This gives you one clear point of contact. Smart Ways to Antwerp has built up years of expertise and trust among travelers and companies in and around Antwerp. The selected providers will be announced through the various channels, on which they will be presented as a quality partner. 

Who can submit a project?

The call for projects is aimed at service and MaaS providers who can optimize the service for the end user with additional route advice, or existing services (eg MaaS providers) operating in Antwerp. The service provider must support multimodal travel or be able to demonstrate that it supports this in the short term.

How do you submit a project?

  1. First, read the call carefully. This will inform you properly of the content, selection criteria and trajectory of this call for projects. 
  2. Fill in the form .
  3. E-mail the complete form as a PDF document, including all attachments, to . The deadline for submission is December 15, 2020 .