MaaS Alliance make significant contributions at Intertraffic Amsterdam 2024

MaaS Alliance made a significant impact at Intertraffic Amsterdam from 16-19 April 2024, sparking dynamic discussions and innovative ideas for the future of mobility. The week kicked off with a session on ‘Mobility Management: Creating a public-private framework to achieve sustainability goals’, where participants explored creating a public-private framework to achieve sustainability goals. This session focused on developing user-centric solutions, reimagining public spaces, and forging new partnerships. The following day, the discussion shifted to ‘Generic Services for Mobility’, diving deep into the technical aspects of Mobility Roaming to make seamless services a reality.

The highlight of the week was the MaaSterclass with Roelof Hellemans and Sampo Hietanen. The session began with foundational insights into Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) and transitioned into a creative brainstorming session envisioning the perfect on-demand mobility service. Ideas discussed included futuristic concepts such as air mobility with drones, personalized vacuum tubes, jet suits, automated vehicles, demand-responsive transport, hyperloop connections between cities, luxury car-pools, and private underground networks. These discussions underscored the importance of offering freedom, a plethora of choices, and convenience in mobility solutions.

At the end of the week, we all agreed that in order to take our dream MaaS to tango, in the first instance, the mobility offer has to be reliable, safe, comfortable, affordable, frequent and informative. Sampo Hietanen reflected on the power of collaboration, noting the significant innovation achieved in just two hours, “MaaS started by putting very different but engaged people to co-create together and this is how it also evolves. The amount of actual innovation we got through in just two hours was inspiring.

Roelof Hellemans emphasised the evolving nature of MaaS and the importance of engaging now to shape the future, “MaaS is evolving. Now is the right time to engage to make sure we are facilitating the future for all users. The new kids from the college banks demand better solutions.”

MaaS Alliance’s participation at Intertraffic 2024 demonstrated its commitment to leading and facilitating the evolution of global mobility systems, ensuring they meet the needs of all users and continue to innovate responsibly and inclusively.

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