New partnership between Free2move and FLOYT Mobility

Free2move | SHARE NOW and FLOYT Mobility | | CARIGAMI have announced the launch of a new partnership, marking a significant milestone in the journey toward transforming urban mobility across Europe.

Users of  FLOYT Mobility will now be able to seamlessly access and book 10,000 Free2move | SHARE NOW vehicles directly through the app. This integration spans all European markets, making it easier than ever for customers to find the perfect ride for their needs.

Especially in urban areas, more and more people prefer a mix of different mobility options over their own car. Through this integration, the two partners are becoming part of a mobility platform that reflects bot their vision. In addition, even more people will be convinced of the benefits of car-sharing in the long term.

This collaboration is a shared vision to sustainably reshape the mobility infrastructure in urban areas. By joining forces, the two parties are making strides towards a more connected and sustainable future.

Let’s drive into a new era of urban mobility together!