As Mobility-as-a-Service starts to become more common in the fleet and automotive industry’s vocabulary, BMaaS (Business Mobility-as-a-Service) has taken a look at some of the people who are shaping what MaaS actually means.

The top 10 Mobility-as-a-Service influencers come from all over the world and have unique specialisms in how MaaS is implemented e.g. MaaS for business, MaaS for urban transport, MaaS for the environment.

The BMaaS top 10 influencers are:

  • Mr Warwick Goodall
  • Mr Sampo Hietanen
  • Mr Justin Whitston
  • Mr Claus von Hessberg
  • Ms Beate Kubitz
  • Mr Manel Villalante
  • Mr Paul Hollick
  • Ms Maria Kamargianni
  • Mr Andy Taylor
  • Mr John Pryor

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