On 13 May (14:00 BST), experts from a range of European, international and North American organisations detail how various cities, regions and countries are progressing with MaaS concepts, featuring presentations from MaaS Alliance, BVG and MOD Alliance. A panel of expert speakers present their thoughts and research on the progress being made across Europe and North America, also assessing the differences between the regions and their variations in the term ‘MaaS’.

– Which cities/regions are succeeding best?
– How can policymakers support growth in MaaS?
– How do you find the balance between public and private interests?
– Assessing the two sides of sustainability in MaaS: sustainable transport and sustainable business models

Keynote Speakers:

Amy Ford, Director, MOD Alliance
– The variety of different models, services and policies that have been shaping how Mobility on Demand and Mobility-as-a-Service have advanced in the United States
– How the mobility on demand industry is adapting to mobility in the time of coronavirus
– What this might mean for the sustainability of “gig mobility” — especially if investment in infrastructure and transportation help to jumpstart the economy post-COVID-19.

As the Director of the Mobility on Demand Alliance for ITS America, Amy Ford leads the creation, strategic direction and activities of the Alliance. Prior to working with MODA, Amy served as the Chief of Advanced Mobility for the Colorado Department of Transportation, responsible for accelerating innovation programs and policies, including connected and autonomous vehicles, mobility operations, workforce of the future, communications and other transportation technologies. She received her Master in Public Administration from the University of Colorado.

Piia Karjalainen, Secretary General, MaaS Alliance
– Demystifying the policy options for MaaS
– Prerequisites for MaaS – data, services and integration
– From local to global MaaS solutions

Piia Karjalainen is Secretary General of the MaaS Alliance in Brussels, Belgium. She has previously worked at the European Parliament and the Finnish Ministry of Transport & Communications. The MaaS Alliance is an international public-private partnership bringing together more than 95 member organisations worldwide.

Sebastian Wolf, Product Owner – Jelbi, BVG
– The booming city’s dilemma: Berlin’s struggle with increasing traffic
– Urban mobility strategy: coping with today’s mobility needs holistically
– A puzzle piece to future mobility: Jelbi app and stations
– MaaS in times of Corona: Emphasis on reliable information

During years of working in strategy consulting, Sebastian saw countless great products getting crushed between the corporate millstones of silo mentality. Concluding that only a strong sense of ownership would help against these toxic patterns, he set out to do better. As part of a joint team of BVG and mobility start-up Trafi, Sebastian recently launched the multimodal mobility platform Jelbi.