Cutting harmful transport emissions is one of the most pressing challenges of our era. Yet transport lags behind any other EU sector when it comes to decreasing its environmental impact. Ambitious policies targeting greenhouse gas emission reductions like the EU Commission’s Green Deal are crucial to pave the way towards change across the European economy. But the industry must play its part too. That’s why Uber is making an important global pledge to sustainability. As part of this effort, we’re excited to share with you the SPARK! Report which outlines Uber’s commitment to electrifying ride-hailing in Europe, details the barriers that drivers face today when looking to electrify and suggests ways to address them. It also includes Uber’s recommendations for principles and policies to enable high-kilometre professional drivers – such as those in ride-hailing – to shift to electric vehicles as well as for accelerating electrification across all of society.

Read more about Uber’s plans, and our recommendations for policies to facilitate the shift to EVs among ride-hail drivers and the wider public.

Read the full SPARK! report.