The Belgian MaaS (Mobility as a Service) start-up Skipr announced the integration of the Q-Park parkings in Belgium. This makes them the first and for the time being only MaaS player to integrate Q-Park parkings in a B2B mobility solution. Parking sessions will be automatically paid for through the Skipr application so that users can easily enjoy travelling around the city with all public and shared mobility options included in the app.

“We’re very excited about this collaboration with Skipr as it is in everybody’s interest to make smart choices when going places – it fits our strategy perfectly to offer convenience and make cities liveable and accessible”, says Philip De Brabanter, Managing Director of Q-Park Belgium.

“Making intermodal trips as easy as possible for the end user is a mission we share with Q-Park”, explains Mathieu de Lophem, Skipr CEO. “With this integration, we’re continuing to meet the needs of our users and help companies transition towards sustainable mobility for their employees.”

The collaboration between Q-Park and Skipr is supported by SlimNaarAntwerpen. Koen Kennis: vice mayor of Antwerp, responsible for mobility: “Innovators will always be welcome in Antwerp, and of course this also applies to those companies working on facilitating mobility. Smart solutions such as this benefit both inhabitants and visitors of Antwerp alike.”

By integrating Q-Park, Skipr offers a seamless parking experience to its users. You simply register your number plate in the Skipr app and upon arriving at a Q-Park parking this number plate will be recognised and the barrier will open. The parking cost will be charged via the Skipr employer account. The integration is not just about seamless payments, explains Mathieu de Lophem. “We aim to make Q-Park parkings part of an intermodal trip. For example a user can park at Q-Park and switch to a shared scooter in the city centre for the last mile”.

Picture credit: Chris Perriman