[Poppy is a product of MaaS Alliance member Lab-Box]

Poppy, the Antwerp start-up that launched 350 environmentally-friendly share cars in Antwerp in January, is now starting a test phase with 25 electric shared scooters. After this test phase, the fleet will be expanded to 100 shared scooters.

From Saturday 25 August, you will be able to find the first 25 scooters on the streets of Antwerp and in the Poppy application. The principle is the same as that of the Poppy shared cars: the electric scooters also work according to the free-floating principle. As a result, the scooters do not have a fixed location and you can park them free of charge in the Poppy home zone.

Paying for the scooters happens per minute, although the price for a scooter is lower than for one of Poppy’s shared cars: 25 cents for every minute driven and 10 cents when you park, but still want to keep your reservation during your stopover. Just as with the shared cars there are no entry fees and the price per minute is ‘all-inclusive’. Poppy takes care of maintenance, charging, insurance, etc. All this is included in the price per minute.

To support the environmentally friendly character of Poppy, the scooters chosen are entirely powered by electricity.


Read the full article on the Gazet van Antwerpen website here (in Flemish).