On the 6th of June 2018, a group of dealers from across Europe gathered in Helsinki (Finland) to learn about the Mobility as a Service new transportation paradigm and evaluate how this can be an opportunity for car dealers.

Over the past few years, Helsinki has been hitting the world’s newspapers headlines with its remarkable progresses in the field of sustainable mobility.

Building on the concept of Mobility as a Service (MaaS), a Finnish start-up, called MaaS Global, designed a new service making all private and public transportation options existing in the city available into a single mobile-app called WHIM.

Much like ordering movies on Netflix or music on Spotify, WHIM aims to fulfil customers’ mobility needs with its service either via a monthly subscription scheme or on a ‘pay as you go’ basis, with no longer the need to rely on car ownership.

All this sounds very nice, but, how do can car dealers (whose main activity is to sell cars) fit in this picture??? This is where VEHO gets in!

Veho is a Finnish automotive company operating also in Sweden and in the Baltic countries. Veho was established in 1939 for the distribution of Mercedes-Benz in Finland. Mercedes-Benz is the core of the company even today.

The cars of today are top technology products. Veho also aims for the top in developing their services and all operations in the digital era. Veho’s future goal is to offer more and more sustainable mobility solutions.

Kenneth Strömsholm / CEO, Veho: “In the future we want to measure our success, not only in the number of vehicles sold, but in the number of KMs travelled by VEHO’s customers. In the rapidly changing market and growing competition, customer loyalty is also a key factor. We are also committed to build everything we do, now and in the future, on sustainability”.


Read the full press release on the CECRA website here.