The MaaS Alliance is expanding its membership by welcoming its first Korean member LG CNS.

“The MaaS Alliance is very pleased to have LG CNS onboard,” – said Jacob Bangsgaard, CEO of ERTICO – ITS Europe and MaaS Alliance President. “We see MaaS solutions emerging everywhere as the demand for better, greener, more inclusive, and more convenient mobility grows both amongst users and governing bodies globally. We are therefore delighted to expand our membership also in Asia, and in particular in Korea, one of the largest economies in the world with growing interest in new and smarter mobility services. Our presence in Singapore this October for the ITS World Congress will for sure create more connections with Asian companies and public authorities willing to join the MaaS mobility revolution”.

LG CNS, a Korean tech giant, with three decades experience in business, has built core competencies covering several key industries such as transport, government, finance, manufacturing and telecommunication. In the transport sector, LG CNS builds solutions and offers services for various modes such as road, rail, and air.

In LG CNS envisioned approach, MaaS should complement existing public transport network, which will continue to be the backbone of transport for the majority of users, with new mobility options providing complementary services that would address the first and last mile challenges in cities. MaaS should enable seamless addition and use of new mobility options. This is to encourage mobility service providers to be part of the ecosystem where little or no investment is required to integrate.

“I think that Asia should seriously start assessing the applicability of MaaS in their cities. To this end, LG CNS membership in MaaS Alliance is important following a twofold purpose: first, to network with MaaS ecosystem participants and learn from the early adopters in Europe and beyond, and secondly, to contribute in the discussions that would bring to the fore market insights and operational realities of transportation systems in Asia”, said Billy Back, Vice President and Head of Smart Transportation Business, LG CNS.