The face of transport is changing rapidly, breaking silos between transport modes and combining different modes of transport into seamless travel chains. New mobility solutions need to be backed up by innovations in other sectors, such as insurance. To keep up with these changes and confront the challenges ahead, the MaaS Alliance and MOD Alliance co-organised a first international workshop on the role of insurance in new mobility ecosystem on 25 September in Paris.

Insurance plays an important role in mobility and the aim of this workshop was to discover how that role will evolve through more innovative insurance products and services that reflect the needs of multimodal service users and mobility service providers.

The workshop brought together innovative insurers and private and public partners from the MaaS / Mobility on Demand community. This first workshop, hosted by MaaS Alliance member Allianz explored this topic principally from a European perspective, while ensuring that discussions reflect also global developments. Another workshop, organised by the MOD Alliance and the MaaS Alliance, will follow in US in early 2020, with a North American focus.

The report will be soon available for MaaS Alliance members and attendees of the event.