What can we do in order to ensure an inclusive future for all users of transport and mobility? What has the research up to this point showed us, and are there any existing case studies we can learn from? These are some of the questions that last week’s virtual workshop – MaaS for All: Creating a User-centric, Inclusive MaaS Ecosystem – sought to dig into. Co-hosted by MaaS Alliance’s Users & Rights Working Group and the Urban Mobility Company, we focused on one of MaaS Alliance’s key topics: user-centricity. Welcoming experts Nicole Kalms, Associate Professor and Founding Director of Monash University’s XYX Lab, James Gleave, Principal Consultant at TRL, Isabelle Clement, Director of Wheels for Wellbeing, Joanna Ward, Associate Transport Planner, and Sandra Witzel, Head of Marketing at Skedgo, the discussion focused on what Piia Karjalainen, Secretary General of MaaS Alliance, describes as the only KPI that truly counts – user satisfaction. In a conversation that reinforced the need of all mobility actors to lead by example in order to achieve an inclusive experience for every user, here are the discussion’s key takeaways.

Read the full report. Click here to watch a recording of MaaS for All: Creating a User-centric, Inclusive MaaS Ecosystem.

Original post by Rebecca Sands, Content & Project Manager, Autonomy & the Urban Mobility Company

Feature image by Paul Brennan from Pixabay