Does owning a car still equal the ultimate freedom to go everywhere – of being independently mobile? The latest report conducted by MaaSLab in London confirms that people’s attitudes are changing and that the time for Mobility as a Service (MaaS) is now: 36% of the non-car-owning participants of the study said they would delay purchasing a car and 40% of them stated they would not purchase a car at all if MaaS were available. As potential users support the paradigm shift from ownership to consumption models, what are the necessary steps for cities and companies to make MaaS available and accessible on a global scale?

Working closely with the members of the MaaS Alliance, PTV Group is one of the driving forces behind the public-private partnership tackling this question. With one of its founding members being the Finnish Ministry of Transport and Communications, the common goal of the cooperation forum is to facilitate a single, open market and full deployment of MaaS offers. As a member of the elected board of directors, Koenraad Verduyn, Director Solution Management Traffic at PTV Group, together with representatives of, among others, MaaS Global, Cubic Transportation Systems and the Finnish Transport Safety Agency, focuses on creating the foundation on which to build a global MaaS network.

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