MaaS landed in Turin: “Mobility Vouchers” project

The project

City of Turin, in collaboration with 5T Srl, has decided to test the MaaS model in a real context, i.e. Turin, through the “Mobility Vouchers” project, co-financed by the Ministry of Ecological Transition as part of the “Funding program for improving air quality in urban areas and enhancing public transport”.

The project will actively involve citizens, in particular those who do not own a car or have given up on one in recent months, through an experiment aimed at testing the opportunities of MaaS in urban areas.

Mobility Vouchers

The “Mobility Vouchers” pilot came to an end! 100 selected users were able to take advantage of an integrated multimodal offer through mobility packages valued around €150, containing a combination of different services, including local public transport, car sharing, car rental, e-scooters, e-moped and taxis. The project results have been very satisfactory, allowing the City of Turin to learn about the mobility habits of citizens and the opportunities of MaaS to promote a behavioural change towards more sustainable mobility.


You can check the pilot’s highlight here and the full report here!

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