MaaS Alliance welcomes new member of the Board of Directors

We are very pleased to announce that we have filled in another seat on the MaaS Alliance Board of Directors (BoD).

While continuously working on creating the Open MaaS ECO system, the MaaS Alliance is always looking to make sure we are represented by our members in achieving this goal. Being neutral, independent, and a Non-profitable Organisation is key for our position.  The balance between Public and Private, between Front-end and Back-end, and between Mobility Service Providers and Public Transport Operators, is critical to have the right discussion on the required output.

We are pleased to inform you that Brian Estep, Executive Vice President of Mobility of ENDAVA, is taking this seat to make sure we head in the right direction in our common task: facilitating the Open MaaS ECO System.

With ENDAVA on board, we have a strong Global player with which the MaaS Alliance can align on “Building the foundations of a frictionless Future”.

Welcome Brian, we are looking forward to intensivate our collaboration.

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