Last July, Bartle noted the initial impacts of the health crisis on the transport sector and expressed the hope that a new balance of mobility solutions would be achieved in the post-crisis period, which would be more favourable to travellers, citizens and the environment.

Today, as the horizon of the end of the crisis begins to emerge, a few questions arise: where is the sector in its recovery in this context of uncertainty? How is environmental awareness being reflected in the strategies of the sector’s players? What choices are being made in terms of supply and service levels? With what resources? What place should incumbent operators have in the new world that is taking shape? What kind of mobility governance is needed to reconcile decarbonisation of the sector, social and territorial cohesion and economic efficiency?

These are some of the issues that Bartle is proposing to explore during this month of positive mobility through :

At a time when it is fashionable to point the finger at the negative effects of transport, Bartle proposes a positive approach to mobility because a more sustainable, more inclusive and more innovative mobility is possible now more than ever: the crisis has led to an acceleration of awareness, an acceleration of market transformations that question the raison d’être of some of our modes of operation and our modal choices… and a formidable desire for mobility!

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