Instant System, expert in the implementation of intelligent transport solutions and white label MaaS platforms, announced today that it has raised €8 million from Paris Fonds Vert,
a growth capital fund for the ecological transition of large cities managed by Demeter and supported by the Paris City, and Opera Tech Ventures, BNP Paribas’ Venture Capital fund.
The objective of this fundraising for Instant System is to continue the development of its technology and to accelerate its international implementation, thus contributing to making
urban mobility more efficient.

An innovative service that is essential for the development of complex mobility solutions in urban areas Population growth in urban areas and its environmental (pollution) and logistical (congestion) consequences, the multiplication of the transport offer with the emergence of new mobility services (self-service fleets, carpooling, mobility on demand) and the resulting public policies are profoundly changing the organisation of urban transport systems. MaaS platforms, which allow the aggregation (comparison, combination, payment, access) of numerous mobility
services, are the catalyst for the transformation underway.

Instant System edits and commercialises on a white label basis a suite of innovative digital solutions dedicated to mobility and meeting the growing needs of users, public transport
authorities, transport operators and corporate clients. These solutions are based on a unique and modular technological foundation. They refocus the service on the user by offering realtime mobility support, allowing users to consume their mobility without friction, from a wide choice and by smartly combining mobility offers in the same journey. They also provide
business intelligence tools dedicated to the management and coordination of mobility policies on a territorial scale for local authorities, and to the management of professional mobility
policies for corporate clients, particularly in the context of the development of the Forfait Mobilité Durable. Instant System is already a partner of the BNP Paribas group through its
subsidiary Arval and contributes to the development of innovative mobility solutions for Arval’s clients.

With more than 2.5 million users, more than 100 transport networks operated in Europe and more than 100 million kilometres travelled via its applications, Instant System is now the
reference partner of public transport authority in Europe (Ile de France Mobilité, RATP, Brussels, Lyon, Métropole Aix-Marseille-Provence, etc.) and transport operators (RATP,

“Instant System approaches mobility with a vision focused on the user and encompassing environmental and public space issues. We consider mobility as a service that must escape the
simple logic of trade, to evolve and allow cities to be more welcoming, relieved of car congestion,” explains Yann Hervouët, CEO and co-founder of Instant System.
A management tool for local authorities and a major contributor to the decongestion of cities. Particularly useful in dense areas where there is a large offer of available transport, Instant
System contributes to making urban mobility less carbon-intensive and less energyconsuming. By focusing urban MaaS on public transport, Instant System helps to create
virtuous mobility schemes and combinations that are more efficient in terms of travel time than the car, which is the best way to convince users to change their habits. The Carbone 4
consultancy firm estimates that the carbon gain from modal shift in Paris is 1.8 KgCO2eq per journey on average.

The management tools developed with public transport authorities and based on the data collected allow cities to better understand mobility needs and to optimise the offer
accordingly. A development plan focused on product development and international expansion Paris Fonds Vert and Opera Tech Ventures are investing €8m in Instant System to support its
ambitious growth strategy, which is based notably on enriching the platform with new features (simplification of the combined subscription purchase process, connectors with new
mobility services, development of MaaS for businesses) and deployment in new territories to enable it to strengthen its position as a reference player in MaaS.

“Our ambition is to become the reference platform for collaboration and fluid information sharing between all the players involved in mobility in a given territory: public transport
authorities, public and private transport operators, corporate clients, all at the service of users”, explains Yann Hervouët.

“Urban mobility is undergoing a profound transformation due to powerful structural factors. We are convinced that Instant System will play a central role in this transformation due to the
quality of its solutions, its references and its positioning as a partner of public transport authorities and transport operators”, says Jean-Charles Scatena, Partner, Demeter.

Original source: Instant System

Image: Photo by Big Dodzy on Unsplash