How National Access Points can stimulate multimodal services and MaaS? Find out in the MaaS Alliance session organised during the ITS Virtual Congress on 9 November 14:00-15:00 CET.

A National Access Point (NAP), a digital interface providing access to open mobility data either directly or through reference to the data sources, successfully facilitates the access to data in unified format. NAPs were introduced by EU regulation in 2017 and all EU countries should have opened their NAPs by 1 December 2019. All transport actors are required to as a minimum to make static travel and traffic data available as open data and register their basic data and relevant travel and traffic data to NAPs at same quality as used internally on the actors own digital platforms. With top experts and practioners this session seeks answers to the following questions: What does NAPs mean for MaaS? Are all NAPs in different members states similar (enough)? Does NAPs solve all the data harmonisation and access issues? What is the relation between NAPs and EU Mobility Data Space? We will try to answer these and other questions with a great panel of speakers.

Moderator: Ferdinand Burgersdijk, MaaS Alliance

– Timo Hoffman, German Federal Highway Research Institute (BASt)
– Victoire Champenois, European Commission, DG MOVE
– Laura Lassila, Traficom
– Søren Sørensen, SFMCON

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