[Join the CEF Transport Call Virtual Info Day on 31st May to learn more about the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) financing framework, how to prepare a good proposal and the topics of most relevance to the upcoming call.]

About the 2018 CEF Transport call

With an indicative budget of €450 million the 2018 CEF Transport call for project proposals covers funding objectives and priorities supporting the policy orientations of the upcoming 3rd Clean Mobility Package, scheduled to be adopted in May 2018. The focus of financial assistance will thus be on cross-cutting objectives of transport digitalisation, road safety and multimodality.

The call’s priorities are:

  • Rail interoperability and ERTMS – European Rail Traffic Management Systems (€100 million)
  • New technologies and innovation, as well as safe and secure infrastructure and, including a focus on safety (EUR 200 million)
  • ITS – Intelligent Transport Services for road, RIS – River Information Services, as well as Connections to and development of multimodal logistics platforms (€150 million)

The call is expected to be launched in early May and close in late October 2018, in coordination with a CEF Telecom call on digitalisation.

The Information Day

The information day (31 May) will cover priorities and main aspects of the of the 2018 CEF Transport call, evaluation and award process, as well as give tips on how to prepare submit a successful proposal. Interactive Q&A sessions will take place during the information day.


Register for the event to follow it online and ask questions: http://europa.eu/!cx69Dm.

More information is available on the European Commission website here.