[IRU, a MaaS Alliance member, is actively involved in the MyCorridor project and leads the project’s work on communication and events.]

Mobility as a Service (MaaS) is an integration of various modes of transport services into a single mobility service, accessible on demand. The EU-funded MyCorridor project expands on MaaS by building a system that could make MaaS work across countries. Project partners recently organised a first European workshop (in a series of three) to introduce the project to a wider audience and approach the challenges of implementing MaaS from the legal, governmental and research perspectives. More than 50 stakeholders attended.

Hosted in London by our project partner, the UK-based legal practice Osborne Clarke LLP, the workshop opened with a short animation illustrating the MyCorridor project’s objectives. The first keynote was given by Christopher Irwin, Member of the European Passengers’ Federation (EPF) Council. Mr. Irwin offered a clear overview of MaaS and explained the added value of the project.

“There are three interesting aspects in MyCorridor. Firstly, its educational quality: it will teach people what Mobility as a Service (Maas) is all about. Then there is its experimental side: it will test the concept through pilots. Thirdly, it will bring together practitioners in different areas to create synergies that are necessary to create something useful for MaaS across the European continent.” Christopher Irwin, Member of the European Passengers’ Federation (EPF) Council.


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