The MaaS Alliance is co-organising an International session ahead of the Opening Ceremony of the ITS European Congress on Monday 19 June from 14:00 to 15:30. The session SIS01 titled “Mobility as a service – new business and service approaches” will look at the potential that MaaS has to become the mobility service of choice for future generations.

The session will consider the current status of MaaS and the latest progress from the MaaS Alliance. It will also consider the data sharing aspects that will be essential for effective MaaS services. It will also discuss the industry and city and regional perspectives of MaaS. This session will discuss how MaaS can deliver the smarter, simplified transportation landscape envisioned and expected by future users.

Speakers include key representatives from the Finnish Ministry, Chalmers University in Sweden, Spanish Public Transport Operator and IT Slovenia-based company Comtrade Digital Services.

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